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All about Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes

A gleaming statue outside Baker Street underground station is one of the most popular sights in London, for this is no less a character than Sherlock Holmes, the legendary detective.  The bronze statue shows Sherlock wearing his customary pipe, deerstalker and caped coat.  It has become one of the most photographed statues in London.

The stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle are amongst some of the most memorable written in the English language.  They have been translated into many other languages worldwide and filmed extensively.  Visit London and you have to see some of the many places associated with Sherlock Holmes.

221B Baker Street is an absolute must see for Sherlock fans.  You can go inside the building, as it is now a museum and contains a variety of room sets and Sherlock memorabilia.  Interestingly, the building did not exist when Doyle actually began writing his stories.  At that point house numbers in Baker Street only went as far as 100.  It was many years later before the street was extended and 221 Baker Street was built.  The building was occupied by the Abbey National Building Society and a secretary was employed to answer the thousands of letters that arrived each day addressed to Sherlock Holmes. 

Other famous buildings that appeared regularly in the Sherlock Holmes stories include the Royal Opera House, and the British Museum; all just up the road from the luxury hotels near Wembley Stadium.  During Conan Doyle’s lifetime, the British Museum was also home to the British Library which was one of Sherlock Holmes favourite reading locations. The British Library moved out the British Museum some years ago, and is now on a purpose built site near Euston Station. 

Visit the Langham Hotel for a leisurely afternoon tea or dinner, and think about Conan Doyle’s own visit here. This was the site of the legendary dinner where he received his first commission to write The Sign of Four.  The hotel also appears in several other Sherlock Holmes mysteries.

Don’t forget to visit The Sherlock Holmes pub in Northumberland Street.  This is a very atmospheric Victorian building containing a lot of memorabilia such as the Great Detective’s living room created for the 1951 Festival of Britain. 

Not far away is the Criterion Bar where Watson first discovered that Sherlock Holmes was seeking someone with whom to share a flat.  A plaque now marks the spot.

Head out of your hotel room at Best western palm hotel and you would find countless other Sherlock related sites in London and it is worth taking a guided Sherlock Holmes walking tour to discover the wealth of fascinating places that exist. 

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