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Best Places to see Ballet in London

Ballet in London

London is home to some of the best ballet companies in the world such as the Royal Ballet and the English National Ballet. Performances of The Nutcracker have become a perennial part of the Christmas scene while all year round, there are countless opportunities to enjoy some of the most beautiful and well-loved ballets like Swan Like, Giselle, Les Sylphides and many more.


Ballet performances take place all over London.  The Royal Ballet is based at the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden, while the English National ballet can be found at the Coliseum.  Other companies from around the country or worldwide such as the Northern City Ballet or the Moscow State Ballet can be found performing as guest companies in many top theatres across the city.


It can be quite an experience visiting some of these top theatres and seeing these top dancers within the glittering, glamourous surroundings while a resident at any of the hotels in North West London.  This is world class ballet at its best. 


Not surprisingly prices can be high, especially for the most prestigious seats. Most tickets sell out very quickly and need to be booked well in advance.


But even at the last minute, you can still get tickets and often at bargain prices if you know what you are looking for.   The deals on offer can be extremely good. In addition, there are a lot of destinations to stop by which are all next to you while a resident at hotels near Wembley Arena.


Begin by asking about the availability of restricted view seats.  Often these are available for quite low prices.  The view is admittedly not as good as if you were looking directly at the stage from the stalls, but the sightlines are still good. All that it means is that the seats may be positioned at the sides of a balcony so you are looking sideways at the stage, or are slightly obscured by columns.  


Another good alternative is to seek a ticket in ‘the gods’.  This is a term used to refer to seats high up in the theatre, usually at the back of a top balcony.  You will be looking down at the stage from quite a high distance. Then there are standing room only tickets.  These might be hard on the feet as you have to be prepared to stand for the entire performance, but you are only paying a few pounds for the ticket.  Such tickets are extremely popular, especially with dance students keen to see performances of top dancers.


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Also worth seeking are last minute tickets.  60 tickets are generally available from the Royal Opera House on the actual day of a performance.  You can obtain the tickets online or by queuing at the box office – but you need to be quick since they can only be purchased the moment the box office opens.  Not surprisingly the tickets go very fast as prices can be as low as £5.

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