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Exploring London’s Theme Parks

 Exploring London’s Theme Parks

Whatever your age or interest, London has a theme park to match.  From childish fun at Legoland to the screaming horrors of the Tombs, the options are extensive.

Legoland is one of the biggest names in theme parks and its centre at Windsor attracts thousands of visitors every year.  Windsor is not far to go from central London, about 30 minutes by train.  Legoland is full of fantastic creations that will delight every child together with exciting rides around favourite Lego worlds such as Duplo Valley, Adventure Land and Pirate Shores.

Young children will also enjoy Chessington World of Adventures.  This is situated about 12 miles south of London at Kingston upon Thames and is accessible by public transport.  This is definitely a fun place to visit, where screaming rides on roller coasters and log flumes are matched by quieter activities meeting over 1,000 animals in the zoo, and the marine fun of the SEA Life centre. Visitors often seek budget hotels near Wembley Stadium for a truly unique experience.

Also out of town, but not to be missed, is the Harry Potter Studio Tour at Watford.  This is where you can enter the Forbidden Forest, fly a broomstick, explore the Hogwarts Express or stroll down Diagon Alley.  Other attractions on site include thousands of props used in the films, the Knight Bus, Hogwarts classrooms, the Gryffindor Common Room, Dumbledores Study and a full scale intricate model of Hogwarts.  The only drawback here is that you have to book well in advance. Tickets are limited and are snapped up quickly. Also, if you book a stay in advance potentially in one of the luxury hotels in North London, you may get a weeklong stay without feeling a large pinch.

If your time is more limited and you want to stay in central London, then head for the south bank of the River Thames.  Cross over Westminster Bridge and you will find two separate themed attractions: Shreks Adventure and the London Dungeon. 

Book a stay at the Best Western Palm Hotel London and visit Shreks Adventure that brings alive the world of Far Far Away, complete with Shrek himself and Donkey.  Find out about the 4D magical flying bus, and discover a hidden world.  For young children, this is an irresistible attraction.  Visit at nighttime and it takes on a slightly different aspect – for this is Shrek Late when the special evening shows include adult humour and some free alcoholic drinks in the Poison Apple Pub.

The London Dungeon is a scary place filled with mists and ghoulish tales.  The interactive rides take you back in time through 1,000 years of London’s history.  See Guy Fawkes attempting to blow up the Houses of Parliament and hear about the fearsome barber of Fleet Street, Sweeney Todd.

Last but not least is the London Bridge Experience. Tucked away under the arches of London Bridge, this is not for the faint hearted.  Few emerge without screaming at some point in their visit.

You can meet the Keeper of the Heads on London Bridge and hear how the heads of executed traitors are displayed for all to see, walk through the medieval streets and hear the plague bell ringing and the roar of flames as London burns in the Great Fire. If you dare, then you can end the journey via the Tombs, but be warned – screams are definitely obligatory!

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