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Halloween Horror Nights in London

Halloween Horror Nights in London

Take a trip through the spooky streets of London this Halloween and discover the murky side of London history while enjoying a stay at beautiful Best western palm hotel London. As with any city where people have lived for thousands of years, London has its fair share of tales of executions, torture, murder, ghosts and vampires.

Most well known of all was the person who terrified Victorian London – Jack the Ripper. This ghostly creature was responsible for murdering and mutilating several women in the East End of London. In the gas lit streets and misty nights; his was a name that terrified everyone. Never caught, his identity has never been proved although there are lots of suggestions. Over one hundred year later, his story still fascinates.  As the nights darken in London, follow in his footsteps through the darkened alleyways of the East End and listen to the tales of his murders with a Jack the Ripper Ghost Walk

Alternatively, you can take a trip on board the London Ghost Bus as it travels around the city. En route, listen to stories of horror and terror told by a strange conductor. Be prepared for some equally strange passengers on board. Not everyone will be quite what they seem to be!

If you have steely nerves, then try a ghost hunt at London’s Ragged School. Led by the team of Haunted Happenings, you can investigate the stories of misery and death that lie behind its grim walls. It is not unknown for people to flee its rooms screaming, searching hurriedly for the gate to disappear into the safety of modern London. This is where you may encounter poltergeists, apparitions and other ghostly creatures as you explore the many rooms contained within the building.

Given the number of people over the centuries who have been executed, tortured or simply disappeared from sight forever within the great walls of the Tower of London, it is no surprise that it has a somewhat spooky feel. As the nights lengthen, you can take part in a Twilight Tour offering the opportunity to discover just how spooky and strange this building seems at night. Who knows what might be seen in those hidden corners?

Book yourself into a luxury Hotel near Wembley stadium and consider taking a look at the events on London’s Month of the Dead. The choice is wide. Take a walk through a torch lit cemetery, enjoy a cup of tea and cake while discussing death in the Death Café, or listen to a ghostly candle lit concert. If you want to explore some really unusual areas which are not normally open to the public you could take a walk through the Subterranean Sanctuaries of crypts and charnel houses or participate in a private view of the bone archive held at Museum of London.

For those hardy enough to take in a night time trip along the Thames to Greenwich, a very unusual experience awaits. This is the home of the Cutty Sark, a beautiful historic sailing ship. Yet as you will discover, life on board was not always pleasant. There were murders and tragedy as well. Take a candle lit tour, then go down into the depths below the ship and watch a screening of Dracula, one of the most famous horror movies of all time.

So what are you waiting for? Book in early to a place in North London like hotels in Cricklewood London and get ready to see a spooky London.



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