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Harry Potter Museum

Enter the magical world of Harry Potter just a short train ride from central London, for this is the location of the spectacular Warner Bros Harry Potter Studio Tour.

It is an attraction that has become one of the ‘must-see’ sights of London, attracting hundreds of visitors every day staying potentially in hotels near wembley stadium.  But make sure you have tickets before you go, as every ticket must be pre-booked in advance.  All too frequently, the Harry Potter Studio Tour is fully sold out well in advance.  If you have been lucky enough to get tickets, make sure you arrive with plenty of time to spare.  Entrance is via a specific time slot – and if you miss that slot, you may miss your visit completely.  

So what can you see at the Warner Bros Studio Tour? Why is it so popular?  The simple fact is that this is the location of the original Harry Potter sets and props used in the films.  It is also where all the films were actually made, and the rooms used as part of the tour were once the studios where Harry and his friends dueled with death and discovered the amazing secrets of Diagon Alley.

Head out of your hotel room at the Best Western Palm Hotel London to explore thousands of props made for the films that are on display here, including over 200 heads of mythical monsters, armour for house elves, time turners, potions, boxes, wands, trunks and much more.  One of the most eye-catching props is the massive door that once formed the entrance to the Chamber of Secrets.  Now you can watch the snakes slithering along slotted tracks as the intricately carved door opens.  

Step onto Platform nine and three quarters and see the smoke billowing round you, as in front stands the magnificent red locomotive which pulled the Hogwarts Express. Peep inside the Knight Bus or see the cupboard under the stairs of No 4 Privet Drive, watch the knitting needles constantly moving and the cauldrons bubbling in Mrs Weasley’s Kitchen or admire the books in Dumbledore’s study.  

If you dislike spiders then avoid the Forbidden Forest, for this is where the giant spider Aragog has his home complete with all his spiderlings.  Equally impressive is the giant model of Buckbeak, where every feather has been individually inserted.  

How about learning to fly a broomstick?  Hop on one of the amazing broomsticks here and as it twists and twirls, you will see yourself speeding across the sky. Just choose your location – perhaps the lake at Hogwarts or the London skyline?

Atmospheric and impressive, this is an attraction which has immense appeal to everyone and is guaranteed to please. In addition, pick a well located hotel, like one of the Hotels in North London to ease off your travel heck.

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