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London’s Mithraeum

Head over to Walbrook near the Bank of England for the newest attraction in the City of London.  The London Mithraeum is an incredible place to visit, extremely atmospheric and a little eerie! It is also free of charge.

Your journey begins in the twenty first century as you enter a contemporary art gallery, with displays influenced by the remains hidden far below. 

Stay in one of the hotels in Cricklewood London and you can explore a massive display cabinet containing over 600 Roman artifacts found on the site deserves a close look from every visitor.  Pieces of beautiful glassware, pottery and even shoes bear witness to the people who lived here centuries ago.  Most importantly of all, are two small tablets tucked away near the bottom of the case.  These are the earliest handwritten documents ever to be found in the UK, one of which is the first time that the name Londinum has ever appeared.  Close by is the first ever IOU for money lending, reflecting the important role commerce has always played in the life of the city.

As you stroll down the stairs, you are truly stepping through history.  Marked on the walls are the different layers through which you are moving – the bombing of London in World War Two, the streets of Victorian London, the Great Fire which destroyed so much of the city in 1666, the streets on which Shakespeare walked, the medieval streets used by kings, princes and merchants. Then you step further back still into Viking and Anglo-Saxon London before reaching Roman times, when the Mithraeum was built.

A darkened doorway leads through to the actual archaeological remains.  These have had a chequered history. When first found in the 1940’s, they were removed and put into storage, being rebuilt nearby.  Now they have been returned to their original site, and are beautifully presented so that you can really understand and appreciate how the building was used.

As your eyes become accustomed to the darkness, lights begin to emerge with tall columns outlined in light creating a 4D effect.  Voices chant out of the darkness, performing long forgotten rituals to the god Mithras.  Over everything is a faint hazy mist, emphasizing the passage of time.  Then the image of Mithras slaying bull emerges at the far end of the temple. 

Strolling around the ruins it is hard not to be amazed by the scale of the building.  You can even step through the same entranceway in the same spot that the worshippers of Mithras used all those centuries ago. 

Visiting the Mithraeum while a resident at Best Western Palm Hotel London is a fantastic way to experience the sheer depth of history that encompasses the City of London, and enjoying a really unusual, memorable experience.

If you are traveling to London then you are guaranteed to have an unforgettable experience. You can visit London’s top attractions and take rest in the peaceful surrounding area of hotels near Wembley Stadium.

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