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Planning a London Trip?

Planning Your London Trip - Travel Guide

Whatever your reason for travelling to London, be it essential travel, business travel, a weekend break or for a holiday; taking time to prepare in advance will ensure you gain maximum benefit and enjoyment from your trip.

Book any of the budget hotels near Wembley Stadium as far in advance as possible. This will ensure that you find the hotel that really suits your needs.  Decide where you need to visit in London, and seek a hotel as close as possible to those locations. Look for hotels with comfortable rooms, good facilities, easy access to public transport where necessary – just like the Palm Hotel! 

Being local as possible to your chosen destinations means you can cut down on travelling time.  Instead of travelling on crowded tube trains, or waiting for buses and taxis, you can simply walk from one place to another.  It’s good for your health and also offers the opportunity to see bits of London you might other miss. 

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Strolling through the streets gives you time to admire the architecture of the buildings, spot unusual carvings on the walls especially on churches, to see unusual shops, find hidden gardens and squares full of colourful flowers. 

Watch out for the blue plaques on the outside of buildings. Take a moment to stop and read the plaques and you may be surprised by what you see. It may highlight where one of your favourite writers, artists, scientists or other famous people have lived over the years. Or it might be the site of an unexpected event.  

Even at night, London is a city that never stops, where you can still walk in safety or take advantage of the night buses and night trains. For those seeking a night out on the town, booking is essential if you want to ensure that a space at your chosen venue.  But if you just want to take a chance, and make a last minute decision, then there are still plenty of options available especially within the West End. Taking a chance can result in finding something different, unusual, creating a fantastic memory of your time during your stay at any of the Best Western hotels London.

This is London as Londoners know it – a fascinating city with a history spanning over two thousand years and countless stories to tell. 

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