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Seeing London from the sky

Seeing London from the sky

London’s skyline is incredible. This is where you can see most clearly the mix of old and new buildings, the network of streets and the river Thames dividing it neatly in half. It offers a new perspective on the famous buildings such as the Tower of London, Buckingham Palace and the Houses of Parliament.

There are many wonderful viewpoints that you can try while you a resident at one of the best hotels in north London. If you feel like a lengthy stroll, walk through Regents Park to Primrose Hill and see the wonders of London spread out below. 

For something more immediate, you need to head for one of the many tall buildings. The London Eye is obvious choice. Since 2000 it has been towering above the River Thames near Westminster, taking visitors via its rotating capsules to a height of 135 metres. As the cabins slowly move upwards, you can enjoy views over 25 miles of London. 

A classic view which Londoners have enjoyed for the past four hundred years or so, is to visit St Paul’s Cathedral and climb up the 530 steps to the topmost gallery. Be warned – there are no lifts! This is the Golden Gallery and is 85.5m above street level. Stepping outside the Cathedral and onto the viewing terrace gives a fantastic skyline view.

Long flights of stairs also have to be climbed if you want to dare the topmost walkways of the iconic Tower Bridge. Stepping out on to the walkway allows you to walk from one side of the bridge to other at a height where the traffic below seems miniscule. If you are lucky, you may even be there when the bottom bridge is raised to allow ships to pass through.

More climbing is needed at the O2 Arena. If you are brave enough you can even try it at night to see the lights twinkling across the city. This is a trip that is definitely not for anyone worried about heights as you have to don a safety harness, special shoes and a climbing suit before heading upwards towards the fabric walkway suspended two metres above the Arena, leading to those outside views.

Want something less strenuous? Then book a ride on the Emirates cable car across the Thames at Greenwich. It takes 10 minutes to gently glide across the river, allowing you plenty of time to enjoy views of London’s skyline as well as the classical river frontage of Greenwich which enjoys UNESCO world heritage stage. When it comes to accommodation the city offers a myriad of options. Yet, hotels near Wembley Stadium top them all!

Back in London itself, the Shard beckons. This monumental and very distinctive building close to London Bridge station offers a chance to experience The View from the Shard. All entry tickets are timed, so it is wise to book in advance. Once on the viewing platforms situated on floors 68, 69 and 72; there are no time restrictions and you can stay as long as you want.  The floor length windows offer an incredible 360 degree view for up to 40 miles around London. London is truly spread out at your feet!

So, head out of your hotel room at the Best western palm hotel London and get ready for the excellent fun.

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