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Take a Walk on London’s Murderous Dark Side!

Take a walk on London's murderous dark side to discover dastardly tales of murder carried out by London’s most notorious killer – Jack the Ripper.

A Victorian villain, he was never caught despite a major manhunt and countless suspects.  Among the suspects were a doctor, a Polish immigrant and Queen Victoria’s son – the Duke of Clarence.  

Throughout the autumn of 1888, Jack the Ripper terrorized London’s East End.  His exploits hit the headlines in every newspaper and were debated everywhere.  He lurked among the dark streets and alleyways of Whitechapel, choosing his victims from the ranks of local prostitutes.  What made these murders so horrific and sinister was the way the bodies were horribly mutilated. In total, he committed five murders – and possibly another six. 

Then suddenly the murders stopped. No one knows why.  Did he commit suicide by jumping into the Thames? Did he go abroad? Was he prevented from continuing his murderous spree? Or had he achieved his aim?  The mystery has intrigued people ever since.

To enter into his world with an evening guided walk taking you around the crime scenes during your stay at any hotels near Wembley Stadium. Hear the stories and decide, if any of the potential suspects, was Jack the Ripper.  


Each walk lasts around two to three hours and is incredibly atmospheric. At varying points, the tour guide stops and highlights what happened on that spot over 100 years ago.  All the locations still exist such as the Ten Bells Pub where some of Jack’s victims enjoyed a last drink. Walking through a darkened archway into a cobbled street that still bears a distinct resemblance to its Victorian origins, it is easy to imagine the terror that Martha Tabram experienced as her killer pounced.  Then there is the former convent where another victim unsuccessfully sought help – before being murdered only a short distance away. 

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All the Jack the Ripper walks take place at night, and are always well attended. The guides are experts in the subject, and some have written books about Jack the Ripper. Book your stay at the Best Western Hotel in London and enjoy the memorable and intensely atmospheric, this is a fantastic way to discover some of the secrets of London’s streets.

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