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Eating on the Go: The Best Street Food in London

Street food is any food that’s bought ready to eat at a street stall or public place, such as a market, food cart, or similar. When it’s good, there is little better: it’s cheap, it’s convenient, and it’s a great way to immerse yourself in the flavours of where you are.

Best Street Food in London

London has been home to some fantastic street food for centuries; even when the ancient Romans occupied Londonium, as it was then known, street vendors were the ticket to dining that most people used, as few homes of the working class had kitchens. Oysters were amongst the most ubiquitous street foods in London at that time. The current site of Leadenhall Market was once Roman London’s heart, and in the fourteenth century it was the site of a meat bazaar.

In mediaeval London, street vendors peddled oysters, baked apples, and hot pies to the masses. During the Stuart and Georgian eras, street sellers carried their merchandise on their heads, and it was anything but clean, thanks to birds and anything nasty that might fall from above! The “Muffin Man” ditty dates from this time, and common foods sold were cakes, pastries, nuts, cherries, rhubarb, and salmon from Newcastle. Victorian London saw popular street foods such as baked potatoes, hot eels, pea soup, fried fish, pickled whelks, and traditional pies being sold widely.

Over the last century, street vendors evolved into having carts and vans, and multicultural fare from Africa, India, Asia and the West Indies began to coexist with fish and chip sellers.

So where is today’s best London street food? Here are just a few of the best street food stalls to be found in all of London, all easily accessible from Palm Hotel, the most popular of hotels near Wembley Stadium...

Smokestak at the Model Market and Street Feast Dalston Yard offers fresh smoked beef brisket and pork ribs with an array of sweet sauces.

Savage Salads nod to the health conscious of us, yet use hearty ingredients that will satisfy even the biggest appetite. From Palm Hotel, the finest of Best Western Hotels London, hop on Northern Line for a jiffy tube ride to Leicester Square. Located at the Berwick Street Food Market in Soho at lunchtime on weekdays, you can choose from four different salads plus haloumi or chicken.

B.O.B.’s Lobster at Street Feast Dalston Yard is the place to go for lobster, ahi tuna tacos, fried oysters, crab tater tots, and the most decadent mac’n’cheese you will ever sample.

Head to the Netil Markets on a Saturday for a tasty treat from Bao Bar. This Taiwanese stall sells steamed milk buns with an array of exotic eastern fillings, including pork belly. Kids will enjoy the soya milk fried chicken nuggets.

Kimchinary is a unique fusion of Mexican and Korean food. Wraps and burritos like no other, they can be enjoyed at Kerb King’s Cross on Fridays, as well as Dinerama Shoreditch and Dalston Food Market.

Morty and Bob’s at Netil Market, every Saturday, takes the toasted cheese sandwich to a whole new level. Words don’t do it justice – just try it for yourself.

Bleeker St at Old Spitalfields Market and Street Feast Dalston Yard is the place to go for a traditional American cheeseburger – made with the finest, fanciest beef available. Bleeker St’s secret sauce will have you coming back for more...

The best of the street food markets the city has to offer are on your doorstep when you live in one of the finest hotels in North London.

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