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The Magical World of Toys Comes Alive in London

Toy shops London

Buying toys for children in London can be hard – simply because there is so much choice!  Some of the best toy shops in the world can be found here in London, and the array of toys on offer is absolutely superb.  So if you’re staying in any of the hotels near Wembley Stadium, then make a point of hopping on the Tube, in a taxi or on the bus and checking out some of the best toy shops in London.


Almost every child loves the fun of building things out Lego and Leicester Square is home to a wonderful Lego Store, filled with all the latest ranges as well as a massive selection of Lego bricks in all manner of colours and styles.  Marvel at the things can be made from Lego, including an amazing full size Underground train complete with ‘passengers’.  Stand beside a replica Big Ben,or take your photo with a version of Dr Who’s big blue Tardis about to zoom off across the worlds.  Spend some time in the play area, exploring the latest bricks and products before making your choice to take home.


Want something very traditional? Then head for Covent Garden to find the wonderful delights of Benjamin Pollock’s Toyshop.  There is lots to delight and inspire a child’s imagination with traditional toys that have never gone out of fashion and are guaranteed to amuse and encourage creativity.  Why not try a little toy theatre, or explore the delights of shadow puppets telling stories old and new.  Equally worth considering while a resident at any of the hotels in North West London are the delightful gift boxes containing a selection of little toys such as noughts and crosses, tops and dominoes.  Or take home a kaleidoscope offering hours of amusement as colours whirl and twirl in never ending images; try making a creative 3 D picture or a pop-up toy. 


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Even older than Pollocks is Hamleys, the world’s largest toy shop.  Located on Regent Street, Hamleys has become an iconic part of London with seven floors of toys just waiting to be discovered.  Founded over two hundred years ago, Hamleys has been delighting generations of children with every possible toy that you can imagine.  This is where you can find anything from a cuddly teddy bear to a game of Monopoly, a construction kit, colouring books, the latest computer game or craft kits.  There is something to suit every child, no matter what their age from pre school to teenagers.  The hardest part is simply making a decision as to what to buy – the choice is so extensive!


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