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Tutankhamun’s Treasure has arrived in London – and it’s stunning!

Tutankhamun Exhibition London Guide

Tutankhamun Treasures of the Golden Pharaoh is set to be the must-see exhibition in London over the next few months.  It’s mind-blowing, stunning and fascinating.


Held at the Saatchi Gallery, Kensington, there are definitely lots of gold to be seen since almost every object seems to be covered in or made from gold. In total there are 150 items on display in this exhibition and many of them have never been seen before outside Egypt.  The result is an incredibly memorable exhibition – and one that will not be repeated here for a very long time, if ever.  So, book any of the budget hotels near Wembley Stadium and take the opportunity while you can to enjoy the sight of some of the most memorable objects in the world.


Dominating the exhibition is a colossal statue of Tutankhamun which takes up an entire room in the Saatchi Gallery.  Other items include jewellery, furniture, weapons, ceremonial shields and royal regalia, plus lots of domestic items such as jars containing food and even a pair of linen tapestry gloves which once covered the royal hands. 


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As you walk around the exhibition, you follow the young king’s footsteps through the Netherworld as he seeks to prove his divinity by showing his power and dominance.  One large gilded statue shows him standing on the back of a giant black panther, while another shows him crushing his enemies underfoot.  A fan bears an elaborate hunting scene, while ships driven by paddles offer transport along the river.


Yet another section of the exhibition tells how the tomb was discovered by archaeologist Howard Carter and the onset of Tutmania which spread around the world.


If this whets your appetite for more Ancient Egyptian culture, head over to the British Museum to view its collection of mummies or visit the Petrie Museum at University College nearby to view more archaeological finds.


Down on the Embankment near Westminster Bridge is one of the most well known of all Egyptian artefacts in London – Cleopatra’s Needle.  This is actually a giant obelisk which was gifted to London over a hundred years ago by the Egyptian government.  Standing beside it is giant sphinx – but these are actually made in Britain, not Egypt!


For guests staying with us at The Palm hotel which is also one of the best wedding venues in North West London, this is one not to be missed.

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