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Weak pound benefits: London tourism on fire!


Been thinking about a visit to London? Then book now because you won’t get a better deal that is possible now because of the weak pound.

Prices in London are extremely reasonable.  The weak pound enables overseas visitors to take advantage of low exchange rates.  You will get more pounds for when you exchange your money into UK currency.  This gives you some really useful extra cash which can be used in all kinds of ways.

Perhaps you want a shopping spree? Head out of your Best western palm hotel and take a stroll down to Regent Street, Bond Street and Oxford Street to explore the vast range of shops selling everything from electronics to fashion, jewellery to toys.  Alternatively head over to Knightsbridge and explore the delights of Harrods, that legendary department store which sells almost anything you can name.  Luxury brands like Burberry, Hermes and Swatch are much cheaper now as a result of the weak pound so you have plenty of choice when it comes to buying gifts.

Recognition of the sheer value of the low pound has come from the Chinese news site Phoenix which recommended Chinese visitors to London to buy, buy, buy.  Since overseas tourists enjoy a really good deal when it comes to exchange rates, purchasing power has increased.  It can mean a difference of 5 to 20% on many highly desirable brands.

There can be little doubt that prices in the UK are now very competitive compared to the price of holidays elsewhere.  In fact, the low pound means that you can even think about upgrading your accommodation and book Hotels in North London or extending your holiday for an extra few days.

With more money in your pocket due to the exchange rates, you can even think about taking in a few West End shows such as Les Miserables or The Lion King.  Alternatively, you could take some day trips outside London to places like Windsor, Legoland, Hampton Court Palace to visit some of the most spectacular attractions in the country. Savvy travelers will also take advantage of the great deals to be had when traveling around London or visiting the well known sights like St Paul’s Cathedral, Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace and all this not too far from your luxury Hotel near Wembley stadium

There is little doubt that every overseas traveler can enjoy some really good deals when visiting London this autumn.  It is cheaper to come to London than take a holiday anywhere else.   If you have ever wanted to come to the UK on holiday, this is the perfect time to do so. 

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